Pokémon GO Accounts Selling for Thousands

Pokémon GO is undoubtedly experiencing an incredible amount of success, clobbering previous records for adoption, usage and, well, bizarre stories. Stories like this latest development. Pokémon GO accounts are now selling on eBay, sometimes for thousands of dollars.

$5,000 to $10,000 for a Pokémon GO Account on eBay?

The account requesting the greatest bounty on eBay (U.S.) at the time of this writing is a Level 22 account. Here’s the title and description:

Pokemon Go Account lvl 22 including 2016 cp dragonite and much more

Pokemon Go Account lvl 22 including 2016 cp dragonite 1704 cp exeggutor 1549 cp vaporeon 1497 cp flareon 1351 cp nidoking 1332 cp slowbro 1266 cp magmar 1265 cp golduck 1244 cp jolteon 1185 starmie 1039 scyther 1013 cp primeape 1011 cp clefable 991 cp charizard and many more

The starting bid? $5,000. The buy it now price? $10,000. There aren’t any bids to speak of at this point, but the listing is fresh. The listing may get pulled, but if it’s not, you can buy it here.

Are there Buyers?

A requested starting bid and buy it now price is one thing, but is anyone buying these accounts for the runaway hit? In short, yes.

A Gizmodo article cites a level 21 account selling for $1,500. The account was offered by a “broke college student” who worked “tirelessly” to make it to level 21.

Is this Legal?

According to the game’s terms of service this is not legal. While there hasn’t been any news of crackdowns on selling of user accounts, this is a new phenomena (for Pokémon GO at least).

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