Pokémon GO Forum Launched! Join Now!

The Pokémon GO Forum is live! We just launched the Pokémon GO Pro Tips Forum! Here’s your chance to get in early… and get that username you always wanted that is never available.

Go to the Pokémon GO Pro Tips Forum

The purpose of the Pokémon GO Forum is to create an environment where players can help one another become better Trainers and enjoy the game even more than they already do. For launch we’ve created the following forum categories:

The Pokémon GO Pro Forum

  • Introductions – This one is pretty straightforward. This forum provides a place to introduce yourself to other Pokémon GO Pro Tips Forum members.
  • Gameplay Strategy – In Gameplay Strategy discussions will revolve around how to play the game at your best.
  • Questions Answered – Everyone has Pokémon GO questions. One thing a community is great at is providing a place for those questions to be answered. This is that place!
  • Tips and Tricks – Know something about Pokémon GO that other’s might not? Willing to share? This is the forum where you can do so!
  • Fan Art – There are so many Pokémon and Pokémon GO fans out there, and one of the coolest things is the great fan artwork they make. Share your fan art here!

There is also a forum dedicated to the community itself, and how to make it better. We’ll be looking for suggestions on new forums and how to continue to make the site great. Ideas? Add them here!

Heard enough? Head over and click the “Sign Up” button to get started! Remember, keep it clean and have fun. No bullying, no bad language, just Pokémon GO fun!


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