Pokémon GO Trading: Confirmed

Will, and if so when, will trading come to Pokémon GO? That’s the question that’s been on players’ minds, asked about on Pokémon GO forums and complained about by early reviewers of the game. Today, that question was answered on a panel at Comic-Con in San Diego, CA. The CEO of Niantic, Pokémon GO’s creator, confirmed that trading is forthcoming.

Niantic CEO Confirms Trading Coming to GO

Hanke was quoted as saying “Trading is not in Pokémon Go today, but it’s something we’re working on bringing to the product.” That’s great news for players worldwide who expected a trading feature at launch time. One obvious reason fans wish trading existed is to make it easier to get some of the rarer Pokémon into their Pokédex. And, a lesser known fact, some creatures are region specific, only available in certain parts of the world. And, after all, the battle cry for the gaming series is “Gotta Catch ‘Em All!”

More Features to Help Complete Players’ Pokédex

In addition to trading, Hanke continued to reveal additional features to come as well as some gameplay strategies that will help players complete their Pokédex. Those features?

First, the confirmation that more rare Pokémon will be available in the game.

Second, a tip on naming and evolution. Naming either Pyro, Rainer or Sparky unlocks the ability to evolve into three game rarities: Flareon, Vaporeon or Jolteon.

Third, Niantic said that breeding may be coming to the game. No details were conveyed more than the possibility of the feature coming at a later date.

Finally, Hanke also revealed details regarding customization of Pokéstops by way of skinning and naming the game’s meeting points. Beyond surface level changes to Pokestops Hanke suggested the possibility of Pokéstops changing in ways that would make them far more important in the game.

One such possibility was for Pokéstops to turn into a healing location. Another was for a Stop to be influenced by items or objects to attract specific types creatures.

Team Leaders Announced

One last announcement was of Team Leaders. If you’ve made it to level 5 and joined a team, you also now know who your leader is. Niantic revealed the leaders for each of the teams available in the game:

Pokémon GO Team Leaders

  • Team Valor (Red): Candela
  • Team Mystic (Blue): Blanche
  • Team Instinct (Yellow): Spark

Clearly there’s far more to come. Happily Niantic is demonstrating a clear commitment to rapid evolution of the game.

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