Your Bag is Full. Now What?

Your Bag is Full!

You’ve learned how to get items from PokéStops. But, at some point, you’ll visit one and get the message that “Your Bag is Full.” This happens because your bag has a starting limit of 350 items. If you’ve reached that point, you can’t collect from any PokéStops until some items are used or removed. If you are still needing items, you’ll need to do something to make room for them.

Remove Items to Free Up Space in Your Bag

From your main screen, click the Pokéball, and then click Items (the bag icon). You’ll see a list of everything you currently have. Find something you don’t need and click the trash can next to that item. A window will pop up, asking you how many you’d like to delete. If you’re not fighting at gyms yet, you can go ahead and remove some Potion, Super Potion or Revive. Those items will come in handy when you visit gyms later, but you should get more when you visit PokéStops. If you have reached levels where you can get Great Balls and Ultra Balls, keep these and consider discarding some Pokéballs.

Use Items to Free Up Space in Your Bag

If you’re considering throwing away Potions, Super Potions or Revives, you might go ahead and try a gym. There’s no consequence to losing; you’ll just need to revive and heal your Pokémon. If you have Potions but not Revives, visit your own team’s gym; you won’t need Revives after training there.

Upgrade Your Bag’s Capacity

Another alternative is upgrading your bag space. You can purchase this upgrade in the shop for 200 coins, and it will increase your capacity by 50 items. The cap for this upgrade is 1000 spaces.

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