Catch ‘Em All, Even Zubat!

You’ve been catching Pokémon just fine, and then a Zubat crosses your path. Soon you have thrown one, two, three Pokéballs…how many will it take? Zubats fly erratically like real-life bats, which makes them harder to catch.

Try Throwing a Curve Ball

Most players throw Pokéballs by simply swiping upwards. Because Zubats move around so much, their target area is quite small, making this method less effective. You can throw a curve ball by dragging the Pokéball in circles and then releasing it. (If you rotate clockwise, release on the left side; if you rotate counter-clockwise, release on the right side.) It’s important to throw the ball at an angle so it will curve into the Pokémon’s target zone.

Pokemon Go Pro Tips:

Curve balls increase the catch rate. Perfecting this technique will help you maximize your Pokéballs when catching other Pokémon, too.

Want to see this technique in action? Watch this video:

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