Pokémon Go Buddy System Coming!

When you think of Pokémon, what’s the first thing that pops into your mind? For many people, it’s an image of Ash and Pikachu. Their relationship is central in the Pokémon saga. Soon, you can have your own “buddy” Pokémon while playing the game!

Rumor has it that a new “buddy system” will be a part of the next game update. You’ll be able to choose one of your Pokémon as your buddy, and when you walk, you’ll get candy for that Pokémon!

Why We’re Excited:

Up to this point, luck has been the biggest factor in determining which Pokémon could be evolved or leveled up. Trainers had to find more of the Pokémon in the wild or hope one would hatch from an egg to get more candy. Evolving Magikarp, which requires 400 candy, seemed like an impossible task!

This new feature also reinforces a key concept of the game – getting outside and being active. Many players have found ways around walking while playing, and this will get them doing it again.

Finally, the “buddy system” gives every trainer the hope that they could actually “Catch ‘em all!” With more control over the evolution of each Pokémon, it does seem possible to fill in all the blank spots in your Pokédex.

For more detailed information on the data mining that led to the “buddy system” discovery, head to Pokémon Go Hub.

Pokémon Go Pro Tips:

  • You can only have one Pokémon “buddy” at a time.
  • There will be daily limit on how much candy you can get for your “buddy.”
  • This update may come out as early as next week.
  • Try choosing a “buddy” that needs less candy to evolve (Pidgey, for example), and evolving many of them to boost your XP and level up.

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