XP Points Explained: What to do to Get More

Pokémon GO is all about gaining XP Points. To help you know where to focus your efforts, we’ve compiled how many XP Points you get for each game action below.

Action in Pokémon GO XP Points Gained
Curveball 10 XP
Nice Throw 10 XP
Great Throw 50 XP
Pokéstop Check In 50 XP
Beat a Pokémon in training at a Gym 50 XP
Excellent Throw 100 XP
Pokémon Caught 100 XP
Battling a Pokémon Trainer at a Gym 100 XP
Defeating a Pokémon Trainer at a Gym 100 XP
New Pokémon 500 XP
Hatch a Pokémon 200 XP
Evolve a Pokémon 500 XP

What’s your strategy for leveling up fast?

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